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"Strategic Market Plan" for "COMMODITY" in A (Country) Market

A) "SWOT" analysis

  1. Strength points
  2. Weakness points
  3. Opportunity points
  4. Threat points

B) More Specific Vision for Final Goal

C) Targeting to The Distinct Points from Competitive Products (Services)

D) Specific Strategy


E) Main Market Strategy Based on Trend&Movement in Target Market

a) Place
b) Product
c) Price
d) Promotion

F) Basic Standard Selecting Potential Partners (Customers)

G) Interviews and Negotiations with Several Potential Partners (Customers)

a) Company's profile (Address/Person in Charge/Annual Sales/Composition etc.)
b) Main Characters
c) Drive for Vision and Goal
d) Impression for Project
e) The Business Direction with Them
f) Others

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