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Services (classified on the point views of Product (Service) life cycle) General Report(report1)

Every product (Service) in the market faces a basic product (Service) life cycle.

There are many possible positions that you may find yourself on the Product (Service) life cycle, and this may differ from market to market. Therefore, to logically and effectively manage multiple markets and develop the most appropriate gStrategic Market Plan h , our services are classified to a), b), c) and d) corresponding with each stage of the product (service) life cycle


  1. Market entrance/market development strategy
  2. Sales strategy development
  3. Strategic growth Strategy
  4. Service providing the effective information leading to potential business and any assistance

Our main service mentioning above belongs to part a). However, even if are facing part b) and c), our service based on the key factors and our policy is useful to overcome the each situation. Therefore, you can combine our services classified to a) to c) for the investigation in 3 countries.

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